Programs Offered

Formal Academics

Individual education programs designed for each student that specifically tackle English, Maths & General Knowledge.

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Beyond Academics

Creativity by way of art & craft, drama, dance and music.
Physical Education : Sports & Yoga

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Counselling Services

Trained Clinical Psychologist who has worked extensively with children with learning difficulties.

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Skill Development

ChildReach Pre-Vocational Centre and Polytechnic was conceived as a bridge between school and the outside world.

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CHILDReach is a non-profit, voluntary organization of Parents and Professionals working with Learning Disabled Children and Slow Learners. The organization was conceived in 1987 in Mumbai.

At CHILDReach, we believe in creating a meaningful learning environment for slow learners & children with learning difficulties who are often academically under prepared. A learning environment that provides enriched coritext & relevance to support the topics that are covered in the classroom. We approach education from an inclusive standpoint with a commitment to educating every child with learning difficulties to their fullest.

CHILDReach provides our students with an educational program that is tailor-made to their educational needs. We focus on formal academics along with a holistic approach which develops their talents, skills & personality.

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Success Stories

Parents / Student

Shazaan Ex-Student

A graduate.. Involved in his father’s business of transport, Shazaan is a very creative boy who doesn’t miss a chance of putting up his creative stuff esp. candles at all exhibitions

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Video Testimonials

Students with learning difficulties

Child Reach, is a student-centred school, which advocates appropriate education, for children with learning difficulties and slow learners, situated at B. M. C. School, Santacruz West.

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Real Life Story

Support Us

Support our cause by: Personal Visit to our centre, Buying and recommending our products for self / corporate gifting, Volunteering, Providing opportunity for employments, Organizing training programmes for skill building ,Fund raising , Sponsorship of fees or equipment, Donations…

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