Counselling Services

At Present, We are a team of - Psychiatrist, Clinical Psychologist and Counselor with Social Work Background.

  • Trained Clinical psychologist who has worked extensively with differently abled children.
  • Psychiatrist attached to the counseling department coming on a weekly basis.
  • Counseling sessions on socio-emotional development for pre-adolescent and adolescent students.
  • Personality development - personal grooming, self confidence, etiquette and others.
  • Sex Education – Sessions with students, parents and teachers.
  • Need based counseling for students & parents
  • Self help Parent-support group
  • Need based testing for students
  • Life skill planning including Vocational and Career guidance
  • Assistance with obtaining certification from government hospitals.
  • Medical camps : Routine Physical checkup, eye camp, dental camp.
  • Group discussions for parents along with teachers
  • Future planning – Career guidance and finding resources for employment.
  • Workshop for Teachers & Parents on a regular basis.

And individual counseling of the students, Parental Counselling, Sex Education, Vocational Guidance.

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